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Eternal Beauty Derby

Eternal Beauty Derby is nestled on the outskirts of the city centre. For over 20 years our vibrant salon has delivered many treatments ranging from hair removal and nail treatments to advanced and bespoke skin, body and laser IPL treatments.

Whether you are looking to escape from the pressures of everyday life for a relaxing massage, focus on skincare or everyday beauty essentials, we are here to offer a relaxing experience with practical beauty advice in a friendly salon environment.

Just look what our fabulous clients have to say about us!

Client Testimonials

5* service – 3rd time here today, the service as always was fantastic. Everyone who works here are polite friendly and make you feel at ease.

Andy Wigley

Google Review

6th March 2020 – Had my first body massage today and it was amazing. All the team are professional and the premises are beautiful!! Thank you

Angela Leivers

Facebook Review

5 Stars – 1st time going here and the lady is great… the place smells amazing. Will be coming again. Xxxx

Georgina Cooper

Google Review

1 month ago

13 things we want you to know about Hollywood / Brazilian waxing 😊1 - Don’t try this at home!If your friend has a wax pot and some wax from an online retailer and she says Iv being doing my underarms years! Trust me.... Brazilian/Hollywood waxing is a WHOLE different ball game... A Brazilian wax gone wrong...well let’s just say getting wax on the carpet will be the least of your worries 😬2- Trim or not to trim before you come in?! If it's a meter long, give it a little trim, but no shorter than 1cm. Most importantly, don’t worry! We would rather trim for you than you cut it too short and have to wait another week or two before we can wax you. We have trimmed many a 🌳!3- We’re not looking!Honestly we’re not! If you asked us to point out which vagina belongs to who at the end of the day we wouldn’t be able to tell you! We’re not looking at you we’re looking at the hair.. it’s growth pattern and getting your wax completed as quick as possible. So please don’t be shy! ☺️4- It’s not weird and we're not grossed out!If anything we get called weird for telling our clients how much we love Hollywood waxing 🙈We see 100's of clients, we're quite used to it now.5- We have seen everything.. every body size and shape, every vagina size and shape and every type of hair imaginable.Honestly your completely normal... leave those nerves at the door here 💕6- Get your bum waxed as hair grows there!... honestly do it!Many people say they have had waxing for years but have never had their bum waxed! Honestly do it! It's included with our Hollywood/Brazilian waxing. You’ll be amazed at how smooth and clean you feel! A bum is a bum too, we all have one so again leave the nerves at the door! Also we don’t get you to go on all fours!7- Don’t be scared!Ask us anything! We mean anything no question is out of bounds. Send us a message or call us and we will be happy to help.8- Put it down!We mean the razor! Throw it away don’t be tempted to shave in between appointments!9-Trust the process.Please believe us on this! If you are new to waxing and have shaved all your life or have returned to waxing after a break. Please trust the process as your first wax may not be the most perfect. You may have a few hairs that pop through a few days after your wax, this is down to the hairs being dormant and at different growth stages. After your 2/3rd wax you’ll experience waxing perfection! 🙌🏼✨🙌🏼 (of course you may experience that after your first if your a lucky one)10- On a period? No problemIf your period arrives when your due for a wax don’t worry.. you can still attend your wax if you wish just wear a tampon and we can work around or we can reschedule your appointment for you if you prefer to come another day.11- After your wax be lazy!Yes be lazy, chill out 🙌🏼 1000% don’t go straight to your gym class after your waxing appointment unless you want spots 😬 you can return to the gym after 24hrs12- the bigger the better or not at all!The bigger the better seriously bring your biggest loosest cotton knickers with you (a fresh pair) with no lace edges as you don’t want to irritate your freshly waxed skin. Or even better go commando 🙌🏼 no one will know!13- It’s not as bad as you think!Have a look at our reviews if you don’t believe us 🙈 most of our clients always leave saying “wow I expected it to be awful!” We’re highly trained and experienced waxers so you are in very safe hands. Hollywood/Brazilian wax £29.953/4 Bikini wax £18. 00Call 01332 820065 to book#intimatewaxing #lycon #hollywoodwax #brazilianwax #repost #derbybeautysalon #waxspecialists #eternalbeautyderby #chaddesden #derbysalon ... See MoreSee Less
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